Why Does 8bit Christmas exist?

In my case, the 80’s were packed with magic. Things that seem old, boring and outdated today were the peak of my childhood back in the day. And I remember fondly those times, particularly when I take out my consoles and play Mario for a couple of hours straight. For me, they are a great way to relax after a night in.

Like every person of my age, I also have a computer which I use for various purposes. I use it for work, but I also spend a fair amount of time browsing on the internet for things that catch my interest. Sometimes, I watch movies and TV series. Other times, I read one blog post after another. I enjoy reading blogs written by various “80’s kids,” and I reminiscence about the past.

Some of those blogs talk about things that I experienced myself. Other blogs talk about the stuff that I did not have – but I knew were popular. Some of these people even described experiences and items that I did not know about during my childhood – but they picked my interest nonetheless. Everyone experienced childhood in a different manner. Even today, some kids consider that the highlight of their day is to have the latest iPhone while others just want to see the botanical garden and play in the mud.

This is why I wanted to create this blog. I wanted to talk about the elements of my childhood through my own eyes – and wanted to compare it with my life now. I want to talk about the songs that changed my life as a teenager – and I wanted to talk about every aspect of my childhood that made me the man that I am now.

In a way, you could say that this is my retrospective diary. I do not want to forget my golden years – and the fact that I will be writing about it will prevent that from happening. It will keep my passion alive, and my memories will remain strong.

Plus, as a person that constantly reads through blogs as well, I’m certain that my posts will bring nostalgic smiles on the faces of fellow 80’s kids. If they are not reminiscing about the past, they will at least find out what was “in” during that time. Plus, “kids these days” should also know what was popular during our time – so I will be the “historian” that brings them the information.