Sega VS Nintendo – The Name of a Front-Runner

Sega and Nintendo – two different consoles that have been battling for supremacy for a very long time. The clash between Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario seems like the deadliest battle. The opinions are split, and it’s hard for outsiders to understand what’s going on between console fans.

So, what is different between the two consoles – and which one should you choose? This article will provide you with information, as well as their specific pros and cons. But if you still afraid that games can be dangerous for your mental health you can read this does video games cause violence essay to make sure that videogames is safe space for you or your kids.

  • Sega

Sega Genesis is known for its way of showing a different side of Sonic the Hedgehog. They have many games featuring the fast running character, and people love them. They bring back a lot of memories from the past, and people love the nostalgia.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of this console:


  • Unlike Nintendo, Sega has a wide variety of compelling RPG’s. Whereas Nintendo’s are pretty limited when it comes to gameplay, Sega comes with better alternatives. Their RPG’s are either strategy ones, regular ones, or other series that were found on the SNES, but not as often.
  • You can find a lot of classic games, such as the Sonic series – as well as other games that have marked your childhood and are not easy to find nowadays. When it comes to nostalgia, Sega knows how to make you feel it.
  • Newer models include wireless controllers, so you can properly share the game experience with someone you like.
  • Sega knew how to save arcade games. When they started to go out of style, the company knew how to use new ideas while taking advantage of the old ones. Therefore, it has some amazing arcade games you can choose to play.


  • Game console costs can be pretty high. They never changed or lowered their price – even if a decent amount of time had already passed since their release.
  • Many of the Sega games have Nintendo versions, and they are better and easier to play on the other console.
  • The Set Up is really difficult. Sometimes, the plugs that you have to connect at the system can be messy. Moreover, if a part bends the wrong way, then you can say goodbye to the wire.
  • The three-button controller can be limiting for fighting games, where you need to use a lot of moves to beat your opponent.


  • Nintendo

Featuring the likable plumber Mario as their mascot, Nintendo really knew how to do its job. Nintendo Switch, the hybrid console that many gamers generally choose, can offer you the best of the home and handheld console – all in only one package. Doesn’t it already sound like a convenient choice?

Here is a list of the pros and cons of the Nintendo Switch:


  • The portability of the Nintendo Switch is maybe the one thing that people love the most about this console. Basically, you can transition from one gaming style to another, without losing your gaming progress. So, if your little brother suddenly wants to watch cartoons, you can easily switch and keep playing.
  • Unlike other consoles who seem to occupy half of your room, the Nintendo Switch console has a pretty small size. Not only is it easier to store, but it’s also easier to grab whenever you want to play.
  • Games load very quickly. Whereas on consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation 4 it takes ages until you’re able to play something, the Nintendo model is different. You only have to plug in the cartridge, and the game launches immediately.
  • You can hold it in your hands for long periods without feeling uncomfortable. In addition, it’s pretty lightweight, so your wrists won’t suffer after long gaming sessions.


  • A strong light source can significantly reduce your ability to see the screen of the Switch in its portable mode. It’s less of a problem indoors, but if you intend to get a tan while playing a game, you may not be able to see anything because of the sun.
  • Sadly, the internal memory is not too big. The system has 32GB of internal storage, and some of it is used for the operating system. Therefore, you may only be able to save 3-4 downloaded titles. It may be easier if you purchase a microSD card.
  • The portable version has a battery, which means that if your brother wants to watch the whole cartoon program instead of one episode, it’s going to be an issue. The battery lasts for about 3.5 hours, after which you have to find an external power source – such as re-inserting the Switch into the TV dick.


Both Nintendo and Sega have had their moments of shine. However, while Nintendo seems to lead when it comes to advantages, Sega doesn’t seem to be that popular. Whichever model you choose, both have their own unique games that are sure to offer you a great time.