How To Write an Argumentative Essay on Gaming Addiction

Before we begin discussing how, let us talk about what. What is an argumentative essay? What is gaming addiction? First, an argumentative essay is a genre of writing that requires you to consider one side of a topic and explain why you agree with this train of thought.

It requires an evidence-based approach, where one needs to present facts and references to defend their argument. It is not an essay where you need to win anything. You just need to explain your side and make a good point as to why you are on one side of a discussion.

Now, what is gaming addiction? Gaming addiction is a popular term that is used in both lighthearted and serious situations. Some people consider themselves as gaming addicts because they have a lifestyle in which video games play a huge part. However, others consider gaming addiction as a condition where someone plays video games too much to the point that it is harming their lives as well as the people around them.

Addiction, in general, is a condition where you are mentally and physically hooked on something to the point where you are doing self-harm and affecting the people around you negatively. In medical addictions, there is dependency as well which affects the chemical balance of the body – for example, addiction to drugs can lead to a physical dependency.

For gaming addiction, dependency is more mental than physical. A person may not experience physical withdrawal symptoms if they stop playing video games abruptly. However, there are still some arguments on how gaming addiction can be identified and treated.

What can you discuss in an argumentative essay about gaming addiction?

Recently, there has been some progress in considering gaming addiction as a medical disorder that has a place in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM.) This means that doctors are working to give gaming addiction a definitive diagnosis and treatment plans based on ongoing research.

In this case, you have many points to discuss if you are required to write an essay on gaming addiction. Here are some discussion points you can use:

  1. Discuss what the symptoms of gaming addiction are.

The symptoms of gaming addiction are difficult to pinpoint because one has to monitor the time a person spends on video games, how they invest in their hobby, and how it affects the people around them. Some people just like playing video games all day, so it may be difficult to identify a gaming addiction and separate it from the fact that people just like playing video games.

  1. How are video games linked to the concept of addiction?

Since gaming is a hobby, it may be connected to a mental addiction like a sexual preoccupation. In the case of the latter, it is diagnosed by considering the frequency and the risk factor of the activity. For gaming, the risk factor only comes out in extreme cases like death after playing video games.

  1. Separating video game addiction with other mental disorders.

Playing video games is considered as escapism in extreme cases, which reflects an underlying mental disorder like depression, borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, and other mental disorders. Video game addiction could be a side effect of a different disorder. In that case, how do you identify a video game addiction as an isolated case. Here’s a tip: addiction is usually diagnosed with “substance or self-abuse secondary to X mental disorder.”

  1. How are video games designed in line with addictive behavior?

Video games are a form of media, which means they are designed to make a profit continuously. In line with this goal, a game must be playable for a long time so designers may be creating an environment that urges a person to keep playing. There isn’t any regulation on addiction, so how does gameplay design play into video game addiction?

Some of the most addictive types of games are RPGs, MMORPGs, first-person shooter games, and simulation games. These games are designed to go on forever because there are competitions with other people and yourself. If that is the case, when can an addicted person stop playing if a game is too engaging?

Writing Your Essay on Gaming Addiction

Now that you know what to write about, start by discussing why you agree on one part of the discussion and expand your train of thought. Make sure that you have documentation and statistics to back you up. Some papers are in different languages, so you may want to find the best translation site to help you with that. Lastly, format your paper accordingly and make sure that your conclusion is flawless.