About Me

Hello. My name is Arthur, and I can proudly admit that I am an 80’s kid. If you ask me, being a kid during the time was the best thing ever – at least when you compare it with today’s generation. Now, I don’t want to be one of those old men that say “when I was your age…” because I respect the fact that every generation is different. However, there are still some moments in which I can’t help but literally be the old man.

Back then, we did not have Whatsapp – and we didn’t have smartphones or tablets either. If out mother wanted to call us up for lunch, she’d have to scream from the top of her lungs from the balcony. Now, all they have to do is pick up their phone – because the kid most certainly has an iPhone.

Plus, I also grew up talking on the landline telephone which was placed in the living room – right next to the kitchen. If I wanted to talk to my girlfriend, my mom would know all the details. Now, the only reason we have a landline telephone is because we need it to fit the WiFi.

There were many things that I loved about being an 80’s kid. I loved my tonker truck, which I would use practically every day on my mother’s flower garden (most of the time, she wasn’t aware of it). It was simple, but at that time, it made you a cool kid.

LEGOs were also something that were everywhere in my house – to the horror of my parents. I had a full bin of them – and somehow, they always seemed to “escape” on the floor, for them to step on. They, however, helped me release my imagination – because I would build anything from cars to buildings and spaceships. With a pack of LEGOs, I could be anything.

The consoles were also something that made my childhood days. I remember when my mother gave me my first Nintendo Entertainment System on Christmas. I played Mario for hours – or at least as long as my mother let me stick my nose into the television.

There were many wonderful things about growing up as an 80’s kid – and I always think back fondly to those times. I know my kids probably won’t find the same joy in toys from those times – but I, for one, wouldn’t trade my Nintendo system for anything. Yes, I still have it, it still works, and I’m still rocking it.