What You Should Know about 80’s

I kept getting a lot of questions about my time during the 80’s – so instead of answering the same questing one by one with the same answer, I thought I might as well make a list here. Here are the questions that keep popping up.

Q: Why have you started this blog?

I love to write – and I am also a person that is greatly nostalgic about the 1980’s American pop culture. So instead of keeping all the thoughts to myself, I thought “why not start a blog?” After all, sharing is caring, isn’t it?

Q: What are you planning on writing about?

I don’t have a particular thing in mind – just the fact that the focus will be on the 80s. I’ll be writing about music, movies, 8-bit games, consoles – even LEGOs, if I see it fit. The topics will be diverse, which means I won’t bore you with the same things over and over.

Q: What was your favorite console game as an 80’s child?

This is certainly a difficult pick – but I’d say Super Mario Bros. Certainly, this might apply differently for other people, as there were different Nintendo and SEGA games at the time. However, up to this day, I still get the nostalgic chills whenever I hear the Super Mario soundtrack come up.

Q: How did you listen to music in the 80’s?

We didn’t have iPods and mp3 players – that’s for sure. During that time, we had vinyl and cassettes. I know that somewhere in the early 80s, Japan was selling the first CD players – but it was still too expensive for the average family. The first time I could get my hands on one of those was in the early 90s.

Q: Who was the most popular singer or band during the 80s?

It’s very difficult to say, because there were several people that were extremely popular – including Michael Jackson, the guys from Queen, and Pink Floyd. But I’d say that the most popular one was John Lennon. You could hear “Imagine” on every station, and every song that he released ended up being a hit.

Q: What were the most popular toys you could get during the 80’s?

As I might have already mentioned, there were a variety of toys you could give to an 80’s kid – and all of them depended on the child’s preferences. Some of them may have wanted the new ABBA album – and others may have been exhilarated over receiving a Rubik’s cube or a Magna doodle.

Q: What were some popular movies during the 80’s?

Among the general masses, you could say that the Star Wars movies conquered everything. The lines to see the movie were incredibly long – because unlike nowadays, you can’t just download it off the internet. You either saw it at the cinema, or you tried to buy or rent it. The Shining was also very popular for those who liked the genre – and I have to admit, I was also a fan. Stephen King was the master of telling a story which got your heart running.